Your routine dental checkup at Artistic Denture & Dental involves a thorough examination that helps detect any areas of tooth decay on your teeth. If you suspect that tooth decay has set in on one of your teeth, you shouldn't hesitate to have it examined. If tooth decay is not eliminated in short order, it could lead to more serious complications. If the cavity is modest in size, your dentist, Dr. Randy Clasen can often apply a dental filling.

Dr. Randy Clasen will start the process by numbing the area with a local anesthetic. Then, he will remove the decayed enamel to provide a clean, healthy surface so he can cement a filling in place. Once the area has been thoroughly cleaned, the dental filling will be applied in layers. A special light is used to cure each layer as it is applied. Once the filling is in place, our dentist will shape the composite material, trim off excess material, and polish the filling.

The type of material your dentist recommends for your filling will depend on the tooth's primary function and its appearance in your smile.

If you suspect a cavity has formed on one of your teeth, you should call Dr. Randy Clasen at (541) 673-2724 to have it examined and treated.